Dartmoor - Cornwall June 2010


Friday 25th June 2010

Left Cornwall in the morning and headed over to Dartmoor, where we'd be staying for the last night of our holiday.

Cornwall June 2010
09:32:46 A last chance to take in the marvellous views from the house.09:32:53 09:33:19 Last shot of the front of the house.
09:41:42 My family waving us off as we left (they would be heading off a short while later).09:41:53 11:34:20 The rather majestic looking main square in Tavistock.
11:34:53 There's the Duke of Bedford.12:47:25 The Peter Tavy Inn, where we had lunch.12:53:10 Writing postcards at the Peter Tavy Inn.
13:05:08 The bar at the Peter Tavy.13:23:14 Lunch - the food here was excellent. Three vegetarian options on the menu! I went for this aubergine bake which was very tasty.13:26:18 Me with the Peter Tavy Inn behind me.
13:56:21 Some interior details at the Peter Tavy.13:56:27 One of the rooms at the Peter Tavy.14:08:16 A sheep.
14:08:24 That sheep again.14:09:19 Out for a post-lunch stroll on Dartmoor to see a waterfall.14:16:08 The views were just stunning today.
14:17:22 14:18:57 There's one of the waterfalls, in a lovely shady little gorge.14:21:57 Chie and the waterfall, looking a bit like a tropical explorer.
14:28:08 My hat looks particularly ridiculous here.14:28:50 14:28:58
14:32:01 14:35:33 17:55:52 After a bit of a siesta, our second outing of the day...
17:56:07 18:03:39 ...starting off with a pint at the Tavistock Inn.18:09:52 Chie sitting on the kid's seat in the back garden.
18:14:06 A cat.18:17:11 Me inside the Tavistock Inn.18:52:50 A stroll up a tor so we could have an evening picnic.
18:53:54 Chie atop the tor.18:54:21 A very haggered looking tree.19:13:30 Me and Chie having our picnic.
19:22:39 19:28:34 19:28:46
19:28:53 19:37:08 19:41:45