Trelissick, The Punchbowl and Ladle, St. Just Church Again and the Roseland Inn - Cornwall June 2010

Trelissick, The Punchbowl and Ladle, St. Just Church Again and the Roseland Inn

Thursday 24th June 2010

Spent the morning and early afternoon with Vera, having a wander around the gardens at Trelissick, followed by lunch there, and then a post lunch drink at the nearby Punchbowl and Ladle. Later on in the afternoon, went for another walk around St. Just Church, before in the evening heading over to the Roseland Inn for dinner.

Cornwall June 2010
11:12:14 Vera and Chie on the King Harry Ferry.11:12:23 11:13:38
11:35:13 The sensory garden at Trelissick.11:35:22 11:37:32
11:42:31 Me and Vera in Trelissick.11:44:29 An attempt to take a picture in the same spot as an old picture of me and my brother, which Vera has at her house.11:44:32
11:46:29 Vera and Chie going over the bridge which joins the two parts of the gardens.11:56:41 12:15:29
12:16:47 12:17:40 12:29:25 Miniature version of the tower at Trelissick.
12:30:40 12:31:51 Can just about see Tregothnan over there in the distance.12:31:58
12:33:35 12:34:31 13:53:01 In the Punchbowl and Ladle now, for a quick post-lunch drink. Vera appropriately in the Grandmother chair.
13:53:14 Vera and Chie in their little corner of the pub.13:53:26 Rather nice floral display.13:53:36 Chie through the window.
13:53:46 More of the pub.13:54:02 The pub with some of its' signs.14:27:10 Chie and the old man sitting one side of the King Harry Ferry.
14:28:09 Chie on the slipway down to the ferry.15:39:48 An old weighing scale.15:41:21 Permissive Footpath(!)
15:46:34 St. Just Church again, this time at high tide.15:47:02 15:49:08 The well at St. Jut Church.
15:50:24 More views of St. Just Church from further around the little lagoon...15:51:05 15:51:34 I like the reflection here.
15:52:35 There was a little crab in the water, probably can't really see it here.15:59:13 16:14:04
16:43:51 18:09:15 Taking a pre dinner stroll along Pendower beach.18:10:38
18:13:50 18:46:55 The brewery at the side of the Roseland Inn.18:47:00 Some malt.
18:48:04 Attractive house in Philleigh, the village where the Roseland Inn is.18:51:11 Door of the church in Philleigh.19:06:33 Inside the Roseland Inn.
19:06:40 19:06:46 20:59:57 Outside the Roseland Inn.
21:52:43 Back at the house, as the sun is setting...