St. Ives and the Pandora Inn - Cornwall June 2010

St. Ives and the Pandora Inn

Wednesday 23rd June 2010

A day out in St. Ives with Rob and Kate, with a stop off at the Pandora Inn on the way back for dinner.

Cornwall June 2010
10:06:59 The beach at St. Ives.10:07:06 10:13:11 Chie on the stairs leading up to the café in the Tate St. Ives/
10:16:38 Interesting view into the café in the Tate.10:16:44 Zoom in on me with the sea behindme.10:16:52
10:30:51 Rob appeared to be coming by boat.10:36:56 View of the beach from the Tate.10:42:55 Rob, Kate and Felix have now arrived.
10:44:15 Chie holding the baby.11:10:33 It was hard to resist taking these shots from the stairs.11:10:43
12:03:34 Outside the Barbara Hepworth Museum.12:12:35 In the garden of the Barbara Hepworth Museum...12:13:01 Chie in the little greenhouse.
12:15:08 One of Barbara's sculptures, and some bamboo.12:15:46 Me, Rob, Felix and Kate, in something that looks a bit like a set from Star Trek.12:15:54
12:16:01 Felix looking rather quizically at Rob.12:21:01 In a walk through sculpture.13:04:05 Out on the front having lunch.
13:25:53 The bay at St. Ives, with a seagull.13:28:33 Chie, Rob and Felix on the harbour wall.13:35:10
13:41:27 The lighthouse.14:46:53 Outside the little cafe where we stopped for a cream tea.14:50:56 Me outside the cafe.
14:54:23 Rob and Kate outside the cafe.14:54:31 17:08:31 On the way back from St. Ives we stopped off at the wonderful Pandora Inn.
17:08:41 The pontoon in front of the Pandora.17:26:37 Inside the Pandora Inn.17:43:56 The doorway to the Pandora Inn.
17:44:12 17:54:32 My dinner - ratatouille.17:54:43 Chie's dinner - mussels and scallops.
18:21:00 A final pint outside before heading off.19:12:11 Chie waiting for the King Harry Ferry.19:16:10 There's the KHF.
19:21:39 19:22:08 Chie and the old man.19:22:56 Pointless picture of a little boat.
19:23:18 19:23:26 19:24:24 There's a glass section where you can see the chain that pulls the ferry along - a bit hard to make out here!
20:33:58 Back at the house, we went for an evening exploration of the shoreline.20:35:43 20:35:49
20:36:42 20:43:59 I think I was actually stood in the water as I was taking this.20:44:17 Lovely sky here.
20:52:32 20:52:40 Chie pulling a bit of a funny face. She's also stood in the water here.20:58:33 Chie found a little crab.
20:58:48 Close-up on the crab. Don't worry, he went safely back in the water afterwards.