Lunch at the Nare and Veryan - Cornwall June 2010

Lunch at the Nare and Veryan

Tuesday 22nd June 2010

Very nice lunch at the Nare Hotel, followed by a visit to the village of Veryan.

Cornwall June 2010
11:20:37 Chie and Chloe out on the terrace.11:55:58 Beck was leaving us today so I thought I'd get a shot of Vera with two of her grandchildren.11:56:05
11:59:36 Growing on the steps in the garden.12:01:31 Vera looking out to sea through the binoculars.12:01:43
13:42:11 Lunch out on the terrace at the Nare Hotel, this was one of the definite highlights of the holiday.13:42:52 My tagliatelli with artichokes - this was very tasty.14:22:26 Chie on the clifftop at the Nare.
14:23:25 Looking back at the Nare Hotel.14:23:30 14:39:13 Ice cream for dessert - this isn't going to win any food photography prizes, but you'll have to take my word for it that it was very nice!
14:39:23 15:27:12 The famous round houses at Veryan.15:27:17
15:27:22 15:34:04 ...and at the other end of the village.15:34:14
15:34:20 22:28:12 A late evening shot from the house.