St. Just Church, Boat Trip, Cider Farm and the Smuggler's Cottage - Cornwall June 2010

St. Just Church, Boat Trip, Cider Farm and the Smuggler's Cottage

Monday 21st June 2010

Really packed a lot in today (it was the longest day after all!) - started with a walk to the picturesque St. Just Church, then took a boat trip from St. Mawes to Truro. From there we picked up our hire care, and drove to Healy's Cider Farm for a look around, and then went on for a very quick visit to the North Coast of Cornwall near St. Agnes. Back from there to the Smuggler's Cottage for Afternoon Tea, before finally returning to the house for dinner.

Cornwall June 2010
09:42:36 Meg..09:42:39 ...and Chloe.09:42:43 Me out on the terrace.
09:45:36 Chie having breakfast out on the terrace, with a very attentive audience.10:06:44 Walking to St. Just Church. Perhaps not at its nicest as the tide was out...10:07:45
10:08:57 10:10:27 10:14:05 Assume there had been a wedding at the weekend?
10:17:43 10:18:33 10:20:39
10:24:17 10:26:26 10:53:31 Vera and Chie back at the house.
11:14:31 Now at St. Mawes, first waving off Ian, Louise and Beck who were taking the ferry to Falmouth for the day.11:17:00 A couple of swans and their cygnets.11:18:55
11:24:01 Urchin shells.11:32:27 In the Watch House restaurant, which oddly rather appealed to me.11:46:48 A very nice vegetarian cooked breakfast - just what I fancied.
12:13:08 A scrap metal ship.12:15:00 12:18:11 Lots of nice sailing boats out in the bay at St. Mawes.
12:18:45 Particularly liked this shot.12:20:26 Chie with St. Mawes castle in the background.12:21:26 St. Mawes Castle.
12:25:08 Falmouth.12:31:53 12:33:36
12:38:37 12:42:42 I forget which grand house this is...12:43:56 Pictures of the river bank as we go up the creek...
12:44:39 12:47:14 Apparently this is a mussel farm near the King Harry Ferry.12:47:26
12:52:11 Old telegraph sign.12:52:18 One side of the King Harry Ferry.12:52:44
12:52:59 12:53:36 One of the big ships moored upstream of the KHF.12:53:43 More big ships.
12:54:34 12:55:01 The Smuggler's Cottage.12:55:10
12:55:23 12:55:31 12:55:50
12:56:26 12:56:36 12:58:01
13:03:10 13:09:14 13:11:03
13:28:46 13:33:35 In Truro now.14:25:07 The cider farm.
14:26:28 14:31:49 Piglets!14:32:23 ...and a goat.
14:33:12 Was trying to take a picture of the still here (this cider farm makes apple brandy), but all I got was reflection.14:33:32 The distillery building.15:10:03 Chie on the beach near St. Agnes.
15:10:15 15:56:48 Back over the King Harry Ferry once more...16:57:07 Chie at the Smuggler's Cottage.
16:57:32 Tea at the Smuggler's Cottage.16:58:19 ...and of course scones.17:06:22
17:35:34 Me outside the Smuggler's Cottage.17:35:49 18:17:33 Back at the house, this is the little bit of shoreline at the bottom of the garden.
18:19:20 18:19:28 18:19:57
18:22:01 18:24:03 Me looking a bit colonial, down at the water's edge.18:34:13 Flowers in the garden.
18:34:24 18:34:41 18:35:02
18:38:48 20:27:38 Dinner out on the terrace, with the obligatory scrumpy!20:27:49