St. Mawes - Cornwall June 2010

St. Mawes

Sunday 20th June 2010

Walked into St. Mawes in the afternoon, then back to the house in the evening for drinks out on the terrace and dinner.

Cornwall June 2010
11:02:52 The view from the house we were greeted with in the morning - still glorious!11:03:00 11:03:55 Me and Chloe on the terrace.
11:03:58 11:19:27 On the walk from the house into St. Mawes.11:28:00
11:33:04 11:35:45 11:46:11
11:56:52 11:57:02 12:08:08 The castle at St. Mawes.
12:08:49 Views around the bay at St. Mawes.12:14:11 12:15:38
12:26:08 13:12:29 Chie on the harbour steps at St. Mawes.13:36:05
14:21:48 An afternoon pint at the Victory Inn in St. Mawes, and an opportunity to test out my new hat.14:21:59 14:23:36
14:25:18 14:25:39 14:29:31
14:41:15 14:45:08 Doesn't the sea look inviting?14:49:41 Could be in the Mediteranean!
15:16:20 Ice cream at the Hotel Tresanton.15:21:38 15:23:29
15:54:29 Walking back to the house from St. Mawes.19:28:10 Tonight's tipple on the terrace: prosecco.19:33:18 People miling about on the terrace.
19:39:04 The whole group on the terrace.19:41:04 19:41:49 Chie showing off her socks.
19:43:17 My shoe.21:08:03 Views still lovely late on into the evening...21:56:16
22:46:36 Last few rays of the sun, the day before the summer solstice.