Travelling to Cornwall - Cornwall June 2010

Travelling to Cornwall

Saturday 19th June 2010

First day of our holiday, a big chunk of it spent on the train down to Truro.

Cornwall June 2010
12:26:31 On the train on the way from London to Truro - I don't think I've ever seen such an interesting distribution of my friends on Latitude before!12:42:01 Me on the train on the way to Truro.14:39:56 On arrival in Truro we were met by Robin and Robert, and the four of us went out for lunch together.
16:00:58 ...followed by a tour of Truro cathedral.16:18:53 Robin pointed out this nice view of Truro, shame about the scaffolding though!16:42:26 Crossing the King Harry Ferry to the Roseland Pensinsula.
16:42:34 Some big boats moored in the Fal Estuary.16:43:02 Robin and the old man on the King Harry Ferry.16:44:23
16:45:39 Chie on the KHF.17:14:11 The view from the garden at Bar Point, our house for the week. Marvellous isn't it?17:16:47 Me relaxing on the lawn, I couldn't believe how spectacular the weather was!
18:34:19 After a quick dip in the sea, having a pastis out on the terrace with Beck and Vera.18:51:55 ...all the ladies out on the bench.18:52:23 ...and Meg under the bench.
19:06:26 Vera and Chloe.19:12:16 Me doing a catalogue pose.19:12:37 Chloe.
20:00:52 Still enjoying the glorious views from the house.20:00:59