Clifton Hampden To Culham

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Sunday 26th September 2004. A nice Sunday afternoon's walk along the Thames (with the obligatory pub stops along the way), partly inspired by Jerome K. Jerome's Three Men in a Boat.

12:28:49 A picture of me in the Barley Mow in Clifton Hampden, partly obscured by someone's coat.

12:28:55 Another similar picture to the one before, but this time without the offending article of clothing in the way.

12:35:11 Me at the bar of the Barley Mow.

12:39:06 Chie reading the menu.

12:42:36 Our lunches. I think Chie had something like Cod Portugese, which she seemed to enjoy. I had a pasta with a creamy goats cheese sauce. I'm surprised to hear myself say it, but it was probably actually a bit too rich for my tastes.

13:13:35 After lunch, we set off on our little wander along the Thames Path.

13:13:44 Chie on the nice bridge at Clifton Hampden.

13:15:57 That bridge again, which I was rather fond of.

13:25:01 Chie a little further down the path, at Clifton Lock.

13:31:35 Me on a bridge a little further along.

13:31:42 Same again.

13:59:49 Now I think this is Appleford railway bridge.

14:28:18 Chie picking blackberries, which later went into some rather nice apple and blackberry tarts.

14:37:31 Chie at a little bridge around Culham.

14:59:59 We turned off the Thames Path at Culham, and headed up the road a bit. I couldn't resist a swift half in this roadside pub called the Waggon and Horses.

15:18:40 The Waggon and Horses, as seen from the outside, a little way down the road.

15:34:55 Now I think these are Sloes....?

15:58:36 Our route took us round the edge of Culham science park, a sort of industrial estate out in the middle of nowhere...

15:59:45 ...and I couldn't help but be interested in this burnt down barn or warehouse...

16:00:37 ...which seemed to be full of lightbulbs...!

16:11:52 Chie with a nice blue sky behind her.

16:12:18 Chie insisted on taking this picture of me next to this rather uninteresting fence.

16:27:42 Back at Clifton Hampden again now, just by the bridge on the North bank of the Thames.

16:29:04 That same church again!

16:29:24 Me...

16:29:28 Me again...

16:32:23 The Barley Mow from the outside, as I'd forgotten to get a picture of it earlier.

16:51:15 On the way back home, we decided to stop off at Wittenham Clumps (I think it is called that) as it was marked on the map as having a nice view.... which it did, in fact.

16:51:57 The Thames again, as seen from Wittenham clumps.

16:52:05 I think that's Dorchester down there.

16:56:24 The actual clump itself - appartly some kind of ironage hillfort originally.