Hampton Court Palace - Chie's Family in the UK

Hampton Court Palace

Saturday 30th June 2007

Chie's family's last full day in the UK - went to visit Hampton Court Palace in the daytime, then back to the flat for dinner in the evening.

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12:12:58 Chie and Yuka waiting at Clapham Junction, where we changed trains en route to Hampton Court.12:46:09 I rather liked this multi-lingual sign at Hampton Court station.12:59:52 Here we are at the entrance to Hampton Court Palace, and as you can see it was a rather wet and gloomy day!

13:04:04 ...in the Clock Court here.13:21:13 Photography wasn't allowed in most of the rooms of the palace, but there didn't seem to be any signs in the rather elaborately decorated stairwell, so I thought I'd get in a couple of sneaky pictures.13:21:23 ...more of that mural. Quite nice.

14:09:06 The stair well in amongst the "grace and favour" apartments - one of which was opened up for an exhibition.14:11:36 This here is fountain court, somewhat evidently.14:13:10 ...same thing again from another angle.

14:25:28 ...on the way to the Tudor Kitchens we saw these two minstrels wandering through one of the palace's many passageways.14:33:49 In the Tudor kitchens.14:35:17 ....I think these were actually real cabbages.

14:37:00 In front of the big log fire - although Chie and Yuka are obscuring it here so it rather misses the point!14:37:58 ...through one of the serving hatches into the kitchen.14:45:38 Me in the wine cellars...

14:45:59 ....and again. A bit dark, but hopefully you can at least make out the barrels. I'm a big fan of barrels.14:54:50 I don't know why I saw fit to take a picture of this piece of guttering!15:08:28 Out in the formal gardens now - either Chie or Yuka commented that these trees look like "kinoko no yama" a Japanese chocolately snack made to look like pointy mushrooms. Err.

15:10:49 More of the formal gardens - shame about the weather, at least it wasn't raining at this point!15:13:56 Nice picture (apart from the overcast sky) of the girls in front of the palace.15:16:53 Lavender...

15:17:06 A bit of an attempt at some form of arty shot. Hmmm.15:18:25 I liked these little trees.15:21:04 Had these been a bit bigger there would have been some oggy raiding going on here.

15:21:39 A trellis tunnel.15:25:39 Another apple tree.15:27:35 Yet more gardens.

15:31:28 Chie's Dad beneath the Wisteria.15:32:16 The Great Vine - rather impressively growing since the 1700s.15:32:25 ...and complete with a Guinness record!

15:35:07 More fine examples of formal gardening.15:36:24 ...and an orange tree!15:57:17 ...whilst here we of course had to have a go at the maze - and it was reassuringly quite manageable.

15:57:36 ...another picture of us at the centre.19:13:06 Back at the flat now, and I'm making dinner - note the apron here!19:13:13 Cutting up garlic I believe.

19:13:22 ....and again.20:19:20 ...here's the lasagne busily cooking away in the oven.20:20:07 Chie and her Mum checking the oven.