Changing the Guard and Pub Crawl - Chie's Family in the UK

Changing the Guard and Pub Crawl

Friday 29th June 2007

Spent the morning with about a million other tourists watching the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Chie's family went off and did their own thing in the afternoon, and then in the evening I took Chie's Dad out for a tour of some of my favourite drinking establishments.

Chie's Family in the UK

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11:00:29 There's our Liz's house, thronged with tourists as I assume it is every day around this time in the summer.11:28:54 Here comes the marching band...11:29:38 ...quite like this shot.

12:09:56 ...and then the rain set in, which was quite a spectacle in itself.18:39:56 We had a little bit of time to kill between dinner and the girls going off to see their musical, so we went for a quick wander through Chinatown...18:40:18 ...and therefore a couple of these sorts of pictures were somewhat inevitable.

19:15:49 Nice picture of Chie and her Dad in the Lamb and Flag, a smashing little pub near Covent Garden.19:25:29 Outside the Lamb and Flag - I'm pulling a bit of a face.19:51:23 On the way in to the ever excellent Cittie of Yorke.

19:55:38 Another nice picture of Chie and her Dad with beer!20:03:40 Me and a picture of what I believe to be York Minister.20:03:45 The tall windows in the back bar of The Cittie.

20:03:53 ...a white rose.20:23:31 Outside the Cittie.20:23:53 The view down High Holborn - I think I just rather liked the sky this evening.

20:47:51 Outside Ye Olde Mitre - still as beautiful as ever, despite the building work going on in Ely Court. Chie here is holding up a plate of their fine toasted sandwiches - we went for some rather unusual choices tonight - cheese and pickle, and cheese and onion. Both surprisingly good.22:10:46 Our final venue of the evening was the whisky society. Here's me at the bar.22:11:18 ...and another picture of me and Chie's Dad. It was strangely very quiet this evening - at one point we were the only customers in here.