The Cotswolds and Back to London - Chie's Family in the UK

The Cotswolds and Back to London

Wednesday 27th June 2007

Left Salford Hall in the morning, the wound our way back to London by way of the Cotswolds - and naturally stopping off for afternoon tea en route.

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09:05:25 A picture of our group at breakfast, the same table we'd had for dinner!09:38:58 The hotel again - I do rather like the look of this place.09:45:56 One side of the hotel.

09:47:43 Not really sure why this picture of a pile of logs was necessary!09:58:07 The little garden by the side of the hotel, as seen from mine and Chie's bathroom window.10:11:48 Mum pointed out these superb fairy rings on the lawns of the hotel.

10:12:32 ...close up on the mushrooms.10:35:17 A couple of last group pictures out the front of the hotel.10:35:23 ...same again in landscape.

11:09:32 On our tour of the Cotswolds now - and we kicked off with one of my personal favourites - Chipping Campden.11:17:06 I'm sure this sign has been photographed many times before.11:19:28 Walking along the high street in Chipping Campden.

11:30:33 Chie wanted to get right up close here it seems!12:44:15 Next stop - Bourton on the Water.12:47:26 They'd taken Brum inside this time - so instead we had to make to with this picture.

12:47:46 In front of the Motor Museum.12:47:52 ...and again.12:48:16 ...and again but blurred!

12:58:53 Yuka on a bridge.14:18:31 Our next stop was Burford - for Afternoon Tea at Huffkins - the place we always seem to end up at.14:18:37 We ordered the classic afternoon tea for four, and even though there were six of it, and we hadn't had anything since breakfast, we still couldn't manage it.

14:20:05 A picture of our table...14:20:11 ...and another one...15:00:38 Out the front of Huffkins.

20:16:09 Back in London now - having Japanese food in mine and Chie's flat.21:03:40 Me and Chie with the fans that Mikiko-san had brought for us from Japan.