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In North Wales

Monday 25th June 2007

The weather wasn't that great today, but we did battle against the elements for a bit of a day out regardless - taking in some local coastline, a bit of Snowdonia, and Caernarfon.

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14:08:40 One of the little bays near Dad's house - this one always looks particularly dramatic in stormy weather.14:08:44 Yes, you definitely wouldn't want to be out on a boat in this weather!15:51:20 After giving up on going to Portmeirion because of the somewhat inclement conditions, we decided instead to go for a bit of a drive around Snowdonia. The rivers were really swelling around here!

15:52:18 Chie in front of an Aberglaslyn sign - this is the name of a sort of outward bound school trip centre I stayed at near here when I was a kid.15:52:50 After a brief spell outside, everybody wisely returns to the car!16:09:03 The waterfalls coming down the sides of the mountains were rather dramatic.

16:09:10 ...a bit of a close-up. The water was so white and fierce it looked more like snow.16:09:27 A grey but nonetheless nice view out over the valley.16:09:50 Forays out from the car to take pictures were all somewhat brief!

16:14:23 More water cascading down the side of the Snowdonian mountains.16:15:23 Really doesn't look all that pleasant outside does it?16:24:55 Everywhere we looked there were these torrents tumbling down the mountainsides.

16:25:09 ....that's a lot of water!16:59:00 In Caernarfon now, and the weather had calmed down a bit.16:59:16 Chie and her Mum in front of the castle.

17:16:24 Very nicely done crenellations.17:17:42 The Welsh flag is flying up top there.17:18:18 I rather liked this little door (perhaps technically a sally port in castle nomenclature?).

17:19:43 Walking along by the yachts in the harbour.18:25:31 Back at Dad's house now - and a random picture of our hire car.19:01:31 Chie and her Mum clearly enjoying themselves over a late tea!

19:06:13 Three men on a pew.19:14:20 I think I underwent some indecision before finally eating this cake.19:14:28 I think Chie is in charge of the camera here.

19:14:31 Chie's Dad appears to be giving me a bit of a funny look!