Abergavenny and Lough Pool - Chie's Family in the UK

Abergavenny and Lough Pool

Saturday 23rd June 2007

Daytime in Abergavenny, and then the evening at the Lough Pool Inn.

Chie's Family in the UK

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10:37:07 Chie and the family at the hotel near Abergavenny where Chie's parents and Mikiko-san stayed.11:17:29 In front of St. Mary's Church in Abergavenny.12:18:07 Nice group picture of everyone with a glass of Pimm's at Vera and Robin's house.

12:20:18 Chie and her parents relaxing in Vera and Robin's lounge.15:11:38 Vera and Mikiko-san on the back patio.15:12:39 ...bigger group picture...

15:13:37 ...and another one.15:15:08 Chie and her Mum down in the garden.15:23:03 ...and back up to the patio for more group pictures!

15:23:29 ...and more...16:41:26 En route to our evening venue, Robin decided to stop off in Skenfrith for a quick look at the castle...16:44:41 ...and the church.

16:44:53 Chie and the family in front of Skenfrith church - what a lovely old building it is too.16:46:12 Looking through the door into the church...16:47:59 ...having a look round the inside.

16:58:58 Back to Skenfrith castle (or the remains thereof) for yet more photo opportunities. A bit too far away methinks.17:00:31 Inside the main keep.17:02:48 Chie and Yuka simulating a battle.

17:38:59 ...yet another picture of our guests in front of a church! Definite theme emerging here... This is in Ross on Wye, which we whizzed round in about five minutes.17:44:01 The market hall in Ross on Wye.18:06:37 ....and now the venue for our evening get together - the Lough Pool Inn, near Ross on Wye.

18:22:41 Some of my family came to join us for dinner, so we had rather a good turnout in the end!19:19:33 ...at the table now, tucking into starters.19:19:38 The Japanese end of the table...

19:19:46 My starter was a kind of feta tempura - very tasty.19:43:33 A shot along down the table.19:43:59 One from the other end, with the flash on.

19:44:43 My main course, which I actually wasn't that keen on. Everyone else seemed to enjoy theres though.19:44:52 Yuka's main course, involving chicken and asapargus. It had these herby potato croquettes with it, which I rather liked.20:59:31 Yuka's dessert - creme brulee.

21:00:53 Half the table again...21:01:06 ...and Vera pulling a face.21:30:24 Taken shortly before heading back home at the end of a very pleasant evening. The Lough Pool looks nice at night as well!

21:34:09 Everybody saying their goodbyes in the car park.