Sunday in Canterbury

Sunday in Canterbury

Sunday 24th May 2009

Second day of our weekend in Canterbury.

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13:12:29 Rather liked this lamp hanging outside a pub.13:17:43 Chie in front of the cathedral.13:21:06 Inside the cathedral - mobile phone camera doesn't really do it justice!

13:21:56 13:23:34 13:23:41

13:24:12 Stained glass came out slightly better than I thought on mobile camera...13:24:21 13:25:21

13:28:39 13:48:28 Outside again now - there's some cloisters.13:56:50 Nice salmon sky.

13:57:42 13:59:05 14:59:38 Sunday lunch at the Dolphin.

14:59:46 Vegetarian option quite respectable (although gravy was a tad watery for my tastes!).