Spa and Heading Back - Brussels and Aachen

Spa and Heading Back

Monday 21st January 2008

Last day of our trip - visited the Carolus Thermen spa in Aachen in the morning, headed back to Brussels in the afternoon, and had dinner there before getting on the Eurostar back to London.

Brussels and Aachen

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12:11:07 Chie outside the Carolus Thermen spa complex after we'd spent a very pleasant our or two lounging around in the thermal waters there.12:14:17 Just in case there was any confusion!12:38:56 Headed back to the station by way of the centre of Aachen again - here's the town hall once more.

12:45:59 We decided to have lunch in the Ratskeller - where superbly they serve Kolsch.12:46:06 Nice and quaint inside.12:46:14 Me enjoying the Kolsch.

13:05:14 Chie's very German lunch in the Ratskeller.13:57:02 Last thing on the to do list was to taste the spa waters - so here's Chie having a go at the communal pump.13:57:55 Some trivia about the chemical composition of the water.

13:58:00 Close-up on the little spout.14:11:00 Back to Aachen Hauptbahnof...14:27:53 ....and the train that would take us back to Brussels again.

17:43:05 Chie wanted to have Moules-Frites for our last meal in Brussels, which we found at this cafe by Theatre Royal de la Monnaie.18:23:09 Me and a couple of krieks.18:23:17 Can see the name of the place here too - Cafe de L'Opera.

18:49:44 Outside Cafe de L'Opera.19:10:30 Chie rather liked this picture of Tintin at Brussels Midi station.20:27:54 On the Eurostar on the way back to London now.

21:29:25 Chie bought these sweets which she seemed rather taken by.21:29:51 I guess Kersen is Flemish for cherries?21:30:05 Chie had control of the camera now and set about some taking some weird pointless pictures (our train was delayed, after all).

21:30:13 Hmmmm....21:30:36 ....ok stop now!