Aachen - Brussels and Aachen


Sunday 20th January 2008

Took the train from Brussels to Aachen around lunchtime, and then spent the remainder of the day wandering around there and enjoying our very nice hotel.

Brussels and Aachen

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09:42:01 Just after checking out of our hotel in the morning (can see the hotel in the background).09:44:07 A random church on the way to the station.10:15:09 This is Brussels Central station - both Chie and I said it reminded us of Penn station in New York.

10:18:23 Me on the little connecting train from Brussels Central station to Brussels Midi. Apparently I am filled with a kind of child like excitement at the prospect of going on a train journey in another country!10:18:27 Checking the tickets...10:18:35 ...and a pointless picture taken out of the window.

10:19:33 Detendez-vous, les pieds en dessous!10:32:25 So here we are in Brussels Midi now, and this is the train that was going to take us to Aachen (although it wasn't leaving for another half an hour).10:34:23 More dencha otaku shashin (train nerd photos).

10:39:01 I regret the exceptionally nerdy tone these pictures are taking, but I cant help but enjoy when you find these public information displays with giveaway errors on them. Get your subscripts back in range, Brussels!12:50:12 Just before arriving in Aachen, having just gone over the Belgian / German border, here's yet another "Welcome to..." message to add the collection.12:54:26 So here we are in Aachen now.

12:59:35 Outside Aachen Hauptbahnhof.13:13:34 That would be Aachen cathedral.13:16:03 Can't remember what this building is.

13:19:02 A golden teapot adorning the corner of a building in one of Aachen's charming cobbled streets.13:20:28 I loved this little Oldey Worldey building on the corner of the main square - I believe it is called the Ratskeller.13:22:20 The Town Hall.

13:22:27 Across the market square.13:25:57 Looking back to the cathedral from inside the town hall.13:28:46 Another view of the cathedral from inside the town hall.

13:29:15 Nice mural inside the town hall.13:29:24 Arched window.13:29:58 Lovely vaulted ceilings in this main chamber of the town hall.

13:30:10 ...more of the same.13:31:24 ...and again.13:36:39 Here's Chie doing an impression of Emperor Charlemagne.

13:36:55 Charlemagne up close.13:39:08 Me in that arched window.13:39:10 Chie clearly seemed very determined to get this right!

13:39:14 ...and again....13:39:15 ..and again...13:43:16 Nice little gargoyles on the outside of the hotel.

13:58:40 Our hotel for the night.14:12:52 Our hotel room - not sure if these pictures really do it justice, it was very nice indeed.14:13:09 Always hard to take pictures of hotel rooms!