Beer Festival

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Friday 29th April 2005. A few pictures from my brief visit to the beer festival, and my last chance to see a load of old work friends before leaving the country.

22:31:32 Having got there late, and had to queue for an hour, I didn't get into the beer festival into about 9:30. Understandably I had to be pretty committed to the actual beer for the first hour or so, and thus it wasn't until this time that it occurred to me I ought to start taking pictures. Anyway, here's a nice picture of James, Barry, David and Kev, standing outside, drinking beer - it's a beer festival, what did you expect?

22:31:55 A nice group picture, which is only semi-contrived. The flash actually seems to have done a reasonably good job for a change.

22:55:26 Inside the marquis here then. I guess the staff were starting the gradual process of herding us towards the exit by this point.

23:40:22 After having been shooed out of the beer festival we headed over to the station, where this emotional group boind moment occurred in the lift. Erm.

23:49:49 Mike, just after we said our final goodbyes, was very keen to have this picture taken, although the exact reason has been lost in the mists of time...

00:25:07 Me and Kev got the train back to Pangourne - for the last ever time in my case! As a fitting tribute to my final voyage, those nice people at FGW Link had chosen not to bother stopping at Pangbourne as they often did later on in the evening, for no good reason. So we had to get off at Tilehurst and get a replacement bus. As our train was late the bus we should have got on had already gone without us (yes the driver took an empty bus to Pangbourne and back), and we then had to wait for the bus for the next train. God bless England, and its wonderful public transport system.