Barbeque by the Thames

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Saturday 14th July 2001. Me and Chie enjoying a barbeque on a summery afternoon by the side of the Thames.

14:17:52 Chie looking very well protected from the elements! I think she's eating some garlic bread here, which I managed to impress myself with, be being able to make on the barbeque.

14:18:09 A close-up view of the barbeque. The beans cooked in their own can went down particularly well, although we were later told this isn't very safe. Apparently there are some toxins in the metal or something... ho, hum.

14:18:30 Me, fiddling about with garlic bread, etc.

14:18:38 Mmmmmm...

14:36:05 Me part way through eating. Thanks for this one Chie.

14:44:48 Chie applying barbeque sauce (naturally) to something or other.

14:45:22 Me, sitting down.

14:48:32 Chie enjoying beans straight from the tin.

14:49:31 I think this must have been taken with the self timer, and it seems to have come out remarkably well.

15:31:37 An insect on the inside of our umbrella.

15:32:05 Chie, with a slightly cloudy sky behind her.

15:33:12 I don't think it was actually raining here, so I'm just sheltering from the sun I assume.

15:33:48 Errrr...

15:46:35 Chie on the bench, nice sky in the background.

15:46:55 Same again.

15:55:15 First attempt at getting a picture of the lemonade mid-air... not bad, but could do better.

15:56:42 Chie being unusually camera shy.

15:57:25 Me and a pleasingly dramatic looking sky. I think these clouds are what you might call "billowy".

15:58:01 Chie did a far better job of getting a picture of the lemonade mid-air - really quite a fantastic picture.

15:59:23 Another self timer picture presumably.

16:10:52 A slightly moddy picture of Chie looking out across the river.

16:11:10 Chie and the river again.