St. Fagan's - Weekend in Abergavenny

St. Fagan's

Sunday 3rd June 2007

A day out to see the Welsh heritage centre near Cardiff.

Weekend in Abergavenny

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Maison de Stuff

12:37:46 Odd picture to start on - Chie and Vera (with my hat on) in front of some kind of building machinery.12:46:42 A lovely salmon pink painted farmhouse, apparently from the Gower peninsula.12:55:28 A very large pig! Could really have down with something in the foreground to give a sense of scale.

12:58:27 ....and now some fairly small pigs!12:58:33 I'm not totally sure whether or find piglets cute or somehow slightly unnerving...12:59:12 Given my recent hat purchase, I was thought a picture of this ilk was very much appropriate.

12:59:20 Slightly unnecessary picture of the farmyard.13:01:09 Two ducks having a chat.13:16:33 Vera and Chie 'neath a thatched roof.

13:17:52 ...the other side of the house with the thatched roof (which, as I have the guidebook here in front of me, I can tell you is in fact Nant Wallter Cottage, from Camarthernshire.13:20:45 A cat. I don't think this had been deconstructed and reconstructed like all the other exibits.13:32:48 A tollhouse from just outside of Aberystwyth,

13:33:05 ...I rathe liked this sign - reminiscent on the one at Whitchurch bridge.13:47:19 Vera, Chie and I sitting outside the little Post Offcie.13:52:28 The cockpit - actually quite a pleasant little amphitheatre inside.

13:56:47 Inside the old shop - and I was filled with that irrational sense of nostalgia for things I could never have actually known in my own lifetime...13:57:08 ...and strange I found the cigarette display quite interesting.13:58:13 ...and of course Bovril!

14:48:48 Walking down a leafy lane...14:48:53 ...rather nice rusty coloured leaves up in the canopy there.14:49:02 Blurry picture of me...

14:49:04 Picture of my back, with a bit of tweed cap detail.14:49:08 What a dapper country gentleman!14:52:09 The Y Garreg Fawr Farmhouse.

15:40:15 View through a slotted window to a shire horse and carriage.15:41:09 I suppose you could call this an experiment in composition.15:45:22 Abernodwydd Farmouse, about as rustic as it gets.

15:51:25 Kennixton Farmhouse seen across the fields. Apparently it was painted in this vivid colour to ward off evil spirits.15:53:08 Me, Vera and Chie.