Out in the Garden - Weekend in Abergavenny

Out in the Garden

Saturday 2nd June 2007

An afternoon spent relaxing in Vera and Robin's back garden.

Weekend in Abergavenny

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16:03:12 Me and Robin doing a spot of gardening - actually this gives a false impression, I only did about a minute's worth before we had a visitor and so I was otherwise engaged.17:15:27 Me and Vera sitting down in the lower part of the garden - very nice too.17:17:00 With weather like this and such pleasant surrounds to enjoy it in, we simply had to have a Pimm's!

17:17:15 Nice picture of Vera and Chie over the other side of the table.18:14:23 Chie looking down from the first floot.21:16:53 View out over to the Sugar Loaf as it was starting to get dark.