Big Family Get Together - Abergavenny Christmas 2008

Big Family Get Together

Sunday 28th December 2008

Lots of family descending on Vera and Robin's house on the Sunday after Christmas.

Abergavenny Christmas 2008

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10:57:42 The kids seemed to be fascinated with the stairs at Vera and Robin's house.10:57:59 11:00:22 There's Daniel and Yates the dog.

11:00:48 11:25:47 In the lounge, watching Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs.11:26:07

11:26:17 11:27:07 11:27:13 The kids giving Thomas and friends their undivided attention.

11:27:27 11:27:37 11:28:01 Uncle John and the kids enjoying Thomas the Tank Engine.

11:28:07 11:28:13 11:28:16

11:36:35 11:44:16 ...and here's Grandad!11:44:21

11:44:24 12:28:45 In the downstairs lounge, opening presents.12:29:34 William and the Christmas tree.

12:33:31 The rather gloriously over-packaged champagne and chocolates from Fortnum and Mason.12:34:55 it is all opened up - isn't that wonderfully lavish?12:40:37 ...still unwrapping presents!

12:40:45 12:51:47 12:54:44 All three of Vera's children (Dad, Robin and Louise) all just happened to be in the kitchen at the same time, so I thought i'd make a good photo opportunity.

13:22:55 William and Katie at the table.13:23:00 13:23:09

13:25:06 ...the adults milling about the kitchen. Chie rather likes this picture.13:32:04 Liz and the kids at the table.13:32:08 Nice shot of the three kids here.

13:41:26 Me, Adrian and the kids at the table.13:49:01 I think I'm finishing off a vegetarian sausage here.13:49:03 There it goes.

13:49:27 13:51:09 We wanted to take a "four generations of Hawkinses" picture, but unfortunately William point blank refused. So we've just got three instead.13:59:51 Aileen and the kids on the sofa.

13:59:54 14:07:06 14:08:55 The grown-ups having a bit of a break from the kids in the kitchen.

14:09:31 Ian the human lamp stand.14:09:38 Unfortunately blurry picture of grown-ups.16:08:52 Uncle Ian was a big hit with the kids.

16:09:15 16:09:31 I think this is just before Adrian, Liz and the kids headed off.17:32:21 Vera trying on my hat.

19:34:43 ...later on that evening, those of us who stayed behind having a quiet time watching the telly.