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Saturday 12th - Sunday 13th March 2005. A weekend trip to see Robin and Vera in Abergavenny.

15:34:39 Chie and Yuka admiring Robin's newly planted front garden.

15:35:09 Vera and Robin and the garden.

16:08:51 In the grounds of Abergavenny Castle...

16:09:26 A bit of the castle wall.

16:11:36 Blatantly disobeying the "no climbing on the walls" sign. Or at least pretending to for the benefit of the camera.

16:16:37 Abergavenny Market.

20:00:42 Yuka and Chie relaxing in the lounge.

20:01:18 Me enjoying whisky from an absolutely perfect copita.

20:01:42 Me and that copita close up.

20:03:48 Yuka hiding behind a cushion.

11:31:03 A house which we were considering as a potential wedding venue...

11:37:02 Inside the house...

12:08:06 Ye Olde Crown Inn, where we had lunch.