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Tapas with Dad and Janie

Posted on 2012/01/29 10:25:26 (January 2012).

[Thursday 26th January 2012]
Dad and Janie had decided to come down to the South East for a long weekend, combining a visit to me in London with Adrian in Guildford. They arrived this evening, and came to meet me at my office at 6, from where we took a stroll by way of Buckingham Palace, St. James's and a bit of Mayfair to El Pirata, the tapas place I had chosen for dinner.

It was rather jolly in there, we managed to fill the table with tapas twice over, and I'm very glad I'd booked as the place was packed. We almost always go to the same place for tapas in London (Goya in Pimlico) and it's interesting that so many dishes on the menu of tapas places (in London at least) are the same, giving a good opportunity to compare and contrast. So the tortilla was particularly good here - really impressively thick - but the patatas bravas are definitely better at Goya. We also enjoyed a little bottle of sherry - in fact the same one they have at Goya, fittingly "La Goya". I've only in the last six months or so started to really like sherry, and it's mainly from going to Spanish restaurants. Helpfully on the wine list at El Pirata they list the "spectrum" of sherry styles, and Manzanilla, of which La Goya is an example, is at the dry end, and it's also quite light. I expect this is why I like it - it's almost like drinking sake.

We headed home after that, and rounded off the evening with a spot of Sacred Gin back at the flat.

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